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Old 26th February 2005, 12:09 AM
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Any known issues w/ Dell Latitude D610

Well my T21 that's been running Fedora Core 2 for the last year finally died (8 months out of my 3 year warranty), and I've decided to go with Dell for my next laptop (would have preferred a T43, but student prices aren't available til April and I got a great deal on the Dell). I am thinking about going with FC3 for my D610; is there any compatibility issues I should be aware of? The specs are: Intel 760 P-M 2.0 (Sonoma chipset) w/ Radeon X300 video card, Intel 2200 Wifi card (I'm aware this won't work out of the box), DVD/CD-R/RW (not sure who makes it, probably same as D600's). My primary concern looks to be the X300; I've heard there's a way to get ATI cards to work on FC3, but I'm not sure about the PCI-e lines. Are there any sites up for getting Linux running on the D610? I think I'll probably document my process and post one if anyone is interested.
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Old 1st April 2005, 02:05 AM
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I have a D610 and am running Ubuntu Hoary devel on it. I have everything working except the 3d hardware accelleration. Everything pretty much worked out of the box except the 3d.

I installed FC3 first and it worked the same except there were some irregularities with the intel 2200 wifi card.
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Old 20th April 2005, 07:38 PM
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i have fc3 on a dell latitude d610 and out of the box everything works except the wifi (intel) which i haven't figured out how to make work and when i have the laptop docked in the port replicator the boot process pauses at 'configuring swap' forever (?).
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Old 29th April 2005, 06:04 PM
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I bought the D610 (1,86Ghz, intel 915 graphics, 512 MB) a month ago. Compared to my previous laptop it is fast and a bit less heavy. Battery (6 cell) last for about max 3,5 hours (bought a second one for longer trips). Hardware support seems ok. Initial install of FC3 using graphic mode failed. Text mode did not give any problem. X loaded with the default vesa driver. After installing the 915 driver from Intel I could use this one in X (before the 915 was listed, but X could not start). Using it with the internal 14' (1024x768) or external 17' (128-x1024) lcd with no problems, sound works, cd-rw works. With FC3 2.6.10 you need the IPW2200 drivers for wireless support. On my laptop wireless was only available if I selected "activate on startup". Currently I am running FC3 2.6.11, wireless is now supported without the driver, I did not yet try this. Fixed network support does not give any problems. Did not yet check bluetooth. Modem... i don't think it will work.

One issue: the laptop makes a beeping noise. It is heard from the mainboard (see my other post). I found several postings on noise issues, most of them have to do with noise in the headphones. I'm not happy with this at all. I cannot use it for Skype calls while the noise is heared clearly on the other side of the 'line'. Several users got a replacement mainboard, without succes. Dell does not yet seem to have found the cause of the noise problems. Some are even speaking of a design flaw...

Notes: there is no built-in microphone (I don't care much), or a PS/2 keyboard connector. I tried a converter (PS/2->usb) but it crashed every 5 minutes. The Dell USB keyboard works fine and gives an extra usb port on the keyboard as a bonus.
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Old 6th May 2005, 06:29 AM
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Since the Dell Latitude D610 is such new hardware, it's tough to find info on installing any version of Linux on it, much less Fedora. If this doc is helpful to other D610 owners, wonderful. If not, sorry!


P.S. If anyone manages to get suspend to RAM (S3) working on the D610, I'd love to hear about it! I'm using the Software Suspend 2 project's code to suspend/hibernate to disk ... after wasting too much time trying to get a sucessful wakeup after suspend to RAM.
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Old 16th August 2005, 05:48 PM
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Suspend to Ram

Here is some information on getting suspend to ram (and other things) working.

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Old 21st August 2005, 02:48 PM
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Problems encountered thus far on the Dell D610 and Fedora Core 4

1. DVD movie playback performance is bad. Very choppy. Problem is that IDE DVD drive is connected via SATA controller. You are not able to set DMA mode on the DVD drive because system doesn't recognize drive as IDE drive. I've yet to solve this problem or read any posts from anybody who has.

2. Cannot undock FC4 from port replicator and then later plug the laptop back into port replicator with FC4 running. Plugging back into port replicator locks up the laptop completely. Have to power off and restart. I have another thread on this problem going in the Laptop Forum here, and others have the same problem. This problem is yet unsolved.

3. Suspend to Ram, Suspend to disk. Doesn't work out of the box. Haven't gone through the link above, but many of the other links I have followed for setting this up, don't seem to work.

All in all, great laptop. Fantastic battery life, good performance, good wifi speeds. Overall, very happy with this laptop. If I good solve the problem with DVD Playback in FC4......I would be totally happy.
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Old 7th February 2006, 08:25 PM
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Hi pparks,

I have a Dell Latitude D610 and I was able to get Suspend-to-Disk working from this site:


It's quite easy--you just have to download prepatched kernels from this site (I used 2.6.14). I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Another (very surprising) benefit is that, using this patched kernel, Suspend-to-RAM works also!!!! I'm not kidding here. Apparently some option that was interfering with the suspend process, was disabled by the patch. So, if you get Suspend-to-Disk working from this site, you should be able to get Suspend-to-RAM as well. There are a few tricky details, but it's not too hard. Please let me know if you have any questions.

By the way, I've looked into the DVD issue and it seems that the principle problem is that the DVD uses DMA (Direct Memory Access) which is not supported by the stock Fedora kernel. (The "xine" DVD player has a nifty utility, xine-check, which looks for these things--see the website below and look for "DMA".) It seems that the only resolution would be to recompile the kernel with that option enabled. I'm too lazy to do that right now, but I might do it later (of course, I'd have to manually apply the software suspend patch to get that working again too...argh). For now, I just boot into Windows if I want to play a DVD, and use Fedora for everything else.

Good luck!,

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Old 7th February 2006, 09:06 PM
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Addendum: Pardon me, I didn't notice your post about DMA. Well, I'm confident that rebuilding the kernel should work, but you might have to apply a patch to get it working with the SATA controller. There must be a patch out there that will work. Maybe this site might be a good starting point? I'll look into it later sometime.

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