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keyboard mapping


My basic problem is this: I want to map the "Print" and "Pause" keys to emacs' save-buffer and save-buffer-kill-emacs commands, respectively, within xterm windows. I want to do this by providing the following "portable" entries in my .emacs file, which look like

(global-set-key [Print] 'save-buffer)
(global-set-key [Pause] 'save-buffer-kill-emacs)

I installed Fedora 14 a couple of months ago and have been fighting with it to do this ever since (sporadically, admittedly).

Under F14 with gnome, the "Print" key (Print Scr) takes a screen shot, which is a reasonable mapping. However, I never take screen shots. I was able to disable this key association by setting /etc/inittab to run state 3 (thereby disabling the gnome window manager altogether -- which I also disabled because I prefer fvwm -- why would one not want to provide a window manager where you can switch between desktops simply by rolling over to them using your mouse?). Without gnome, both the Print and the Pause keys seem to send nothing, at least according to emacs' "quoted-insert" command.

If I set the following in my .Xdefaults file

XTerm*vt100.translations: #override \
Shift <Key>Print: string("\033[50~") \n\
<Key>Print: string("\033[40~") \n\
Shift <Key>Pause: string("\033[51~") \n\
<Key>Pause: string("\033[41~")

and load it using

xrdb -load $HOME/.Xdefaults

I then find that these two keys do properly send the above sequences. Unfortunately, the above sequences do not seem to correspond to emac's idea of what "Print" and "Pause" mean.

How can I figure out what "Print" and "Pause" mean to emacs? I.e. what string should I associated with "Pause" and "Print" so that emacs will then properly associate [Print] and [Pause] to "save-buffer" and "save-buffer-kill-emacs"?

Note: for keycode 107, which I think is normally associated with "Print" or "Print Scr", I get the following results (all under the X-server provided by F14);

xev reports that keycode 107 has keysym 0xff61,

xmodmap -pke reports
keycode 107 = Print Sys_Req Print Sys_Req

emacs quoted-insert reports nothing

dumpkeys reports
keycode 107 = Select

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Old 5th March 2011, 09:53 PM
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Re: keyboard mapping

Well, I can't find a way to make it portable. What I did was map Print and Pause to various escape sequences via .Xdefaults and then map them to what I want in emacs via .emacs. Most of the function keys can be mapped to commands in .emacs via statements like

(global-set-key [S-f1] 'rerun-prev-command);; [shift-F1]
(global-set-key [f1] 'undo)

(it seems to me that it might be important to define the shifted version first...)
but the the Print, Pause, and Keypad keys have to be first mapped to something else. Here is what I put in my .Xdefaults file;

!------------------------------- .Xdefaults ----------------------------------
! The following need to be set on Fedora 14 in order to map these keys in
! emacs to the functions I usually like.

XTerm*vt100.translations: #override \
Shift <Key>Print: string("\033[50~") \n\
<Key>Print: string("\033[40~") \n\
Shift <Key>Pause: string("\033[51~") \n\
<Key>Pause: string("\033[41~") \n\
<Key>KP_0: string("\033O20~") \n\
<Key>KP_1: string("\033O21~") \n\
<Key>KP_2: string("\033O22~") \n\
<Key>KP_3: string("\033O23~") \n\
<Key>KP_4: string("\033O24~") \n\
<Key>KP_5: string("\033O25~") \n\
<Key>KP_6: string("\033O26~") \n\
<Key>KP_7: string("\033O27~") \n\
<Key>KP_8: string("\033O28~") \n\
<Key>KP_9: string("\033O29~") \n\
<Key>KP_Decimal: string("\033O30~") \n\
<Key>KP_Enter: string("\033O31~")

and here are the corresponding entries in my .emacs file. Everything works now

---------------------------- .emacs ---------------------------
(global-set-key "\e[50~" 'kill-buffer) ;; [S-Print]
(global-set-key "\e[40~" 'save-buffer) ;; [Print]
(global-set-key "\e[51~" 'kill-buffer) ;; [S-Pause]
(global-set-key "\e[41~" 'save-buffers-kill-terminal);; [Pause]

(global-set-key [kp-subtract] 're-search-backward) ;; [KP_Minus]
(global-set-key "\eO20~" 'overwrite-mode) ;; [KP_0]
(global-set-key "\eO21~" 'end-of-line) ;; [KP_1]
(global-set-key "\eO22~" 'what-cursor-position) ;; [KP_2]
(global-set-key "\eO23~" 'goto-line) ;; [KP_3]
(global-set-key "\eO24~" 'copy-to-register) ;; [KP_4]
(global-set-key "\eO25~" 'recenter) ;; [KP_5]
(global-set-key "\eO26~" 'what-line) ;; [KP_6]
(global-set-key "\eO27~" 'beginning-of-line) ;; [KP_7]
(global-set-key "\eO28~" 'quoted-insert) ;; [KP_8]
(global-set-key "\eO29~" 'exchange-point-and-mark);; [KP_9]
(global-set-key "\eO30~" 'kill-line) ;; [KP_Del]
(global-set-key "\eO31~" 'yank) ;; [KP_Enter]
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keyboard, mapping

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