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Talking Why I did NOT switch to another Distro..

Well, I see a lot of posts saying "Hey, I don't have time or knowledge on how to fix this distro so i'm not going to use it! I'm going ubuntux/CentOS"

Time for a change to flip it around

I almost switched my main machine from Fedora to CentOS, reason being was I needed reliability. However Fedora had that reliability, till it goes wrong and spends me 30 minutes tracking the problem then another 30 fixing it. Then it's up on it's feet again, However I thought it would be easier to use Something like CentOS, however, I thought to my self "Damn I been using Fedora that long now I cba to switch"

However in a way I did switch to CentOS, only in networks, and on machines for servers (replaced that thing they call "ubuntux server" with it.) I would switch to uBuntux, that is if the OS didn't treat me like as if I know nothing and it knows best (Much like Windows) such as NO ROOT AT ALL, of course I enabled root as soon as I could (I could never write commands like "sudo" constantly, I prefer "su", and it doesn't sound like your trying to sudo.. someone xD)

CentOS is too far behind in stuff, which is great for servers, not great for someone like me who prefers new stuff.

uBuntux makes me feel like it knows better than I do. And is a horrible colour.

Fedora makes me feel right at home (and has a good community forum unlike ubuntu).

And so forth I will not be leaving Fedora any time soon


Sorry but this forum needed a post that is good for Fedora rather than saying something bad about it.
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Old 8th January 2009, 01:26 PM
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Thanks, Jake for that completely unbiased, unsolicited testimonial. (Your check is on the way. )
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Old 8th January 2009, 01:42 PM
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Nice to see someone say something nice about Fedora for a change
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Old 8th January 2009, 01:58 PM
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I started a new job just before Xmas and went from working in Fedora, Debian, Slcakware & OSX to now been exclusively XP with a putty term to Debian. (Job spec said linux chap required...) and thats what I pushed during my interviews.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr sobs... Wait untill my 1st review.

All this I could carry upon my huge shoulders.. then somebody mentioned .NET becoming the standard throughout.

Gulp WTF.

So be happy mate, you had a choice while I was totaly led down the path.

Money is good and plenty of work on so I cannot grumble too much. But I'm not able to give 120% as I normally could. XP sux as a dev platform. And god forbid they ask me to get into .NET!!!!

Newest member (against ones will) of the MS fan club.
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Old 8th January 2009, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by glennzo View Post
Nice to see someone say something nice about Fedora for a change
I recently installed Fedora 10 64bit on a home built AMD Athlon X2 4600 / 2gb RAM/ Nvidia 6100 / ASUS M2N MX SE Plus mboard.

After using Mint, PCLOS, Ubuntu, openSUSE and sidux I have to say that F-10 is as smooth fast and solid as any distro I've ever used. Installing rpmfusion really helped make the transition smooth.

I plan to leave F-10 on this PC for a long time.
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Old 8th January 2009, 06:49 PM
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After using Fedora for a number of years (since FC5), I'm very glad that my brother-in-law didn't install ubuntu or debian. Not that they are bad, I just prefer the yum system for one, and I like what I've been using. Once or twice, I've installed XP and been on it for a bit, but I hate not being able to have root. I only use XP now in the dire cases where I simply cannot get Fedora to work for me, otherwise I use Fedora exclusively. I recommend it to most computer people I know, and when some tell me that XP works fine and they don't want to switch, I understand. I felt the same way, but what changed my mind is that my brother-in-law saved my music and such, wiped my hard drive, and installed Fedora without me really knowing what he was doing. Then he left my place, saying "good luck, call me if you are confused". I'm glad he did that, it forced me to learn and what kept me is he installed Beryl making it look very slick. So far, I've got my brother on Fedora and pending some wireless issues, he may be a Fedora man for life.
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Old 8th January 2009, 07:18 PM
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I understand the hesitation of going to another distro because you're familiar with the one you have.

I've been hopping around some lately but once it was time for me to "settle down" for my home computers I went with Ubuntu largely because that was what I am familiar with and I wanted to put something up that I wouldn't have to tweak or mess around with to keep it going (I don't have massive needs but I'm not the only one using them).

I'm also the Linux SIG leader for the Danbury Area Computer Society (DACS) and Ubuntu/Kubuntu and CentOS/Fedora are the most popular distros of the meeting attendees.

I've been enjoying "re-learning" how to do things differently by installing Fedora for my SIG meeting demonstrations but for home I need something I can easily get into if necessary.

Eventually? Who knows....

Originally Posted by ibbo View Post
All this I could carry upon my huge shoulders.. then somebody mentioned .NET becoming the standard throughout.
If you can't get them to deviate from .NET, start pushing them down the path of C# and Mono instead of VB.NET. Mono handles C# a lot better than VB.NET and since it's cross-platform it doesn't become a lock-in to Windows as much.

There is a lot of press going on about Mono right now so start gathering it for your arguments!

Just for the record, I'm using ASP.NET here and I keep eying trying to convert the app to Mono but am not so familiar with C#.

Also, if everything is in C#, it is easier to convert to Java or something else than VB.NET (not much, but every step helps).
Linux provides freedom, the problem is most users don't know what it is or how to use it.
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p.s. Anybody who sees I am incorrect in technical procedures, etc., please feel free to correct me. I'm just figuring this out as I go along. :D
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