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A new general forum in Forum...

I'm searching and searching for three painful to find solutions...

1/ I just can't get a root password to work in Terminal, to install items...

2/ I really really wants to make a custom install CD of the OS as I've set it up, with hours of downloads and tweaking, and all my files.. so should the OS so much as hiccup wrong, I drop in the CD, and totally reinstall the whole system as I likes it...

3/ I do so want to see who and what is trying to get into my hd, in real time.. and see how each item has been blocked, or not... I would like a red pop-up warning that tells me if anything got in, when it got in, if it got in, and what it did, and a button that would reverse the damage, if any, and another button that would block that from ever happening again...

Just fer the h of it I left my Internet PC (Fedora-14) running connected all day and night, to see if the OS would get destroyed by mine enemies... Seems none of the animals got into the hd... This Fedora is Strong...

So here I am, desperately searching all over this forum, and in various Linux forums, and like a storm all over the Net desperate to find solutions to three nagging questions/problems...

Sometimes I find little pieces of the puzzle, but when I try to implement one in Terminal, I can't get in..? My passwords don't work... I ask about running as root, I get "Ohhh You really don't want to run as root"...

When I ask how to make an install CD of Fedora, I get linked to "how to make flash iso's"...

It's like I'm being run in circles, and down dead-end streets at 90-mph... I suppose I must accept that there are no solutions to these problems, and just live with it as it is, and forget about it all... It's like how I've been bullied all my life, and still am.. Seems I must just try to live a happy life inspite of all the hits and stings...

It would be sweet if this forum combined a mishmash of all the terminal/sudo/root tips in one locked thread, as they happen(ed)... Then the user simply scroll down that thread for a quick solution to a nagging problem...

Same with each facet of this OS... A mishmash collection thread for each major concern and major facet of the OS...

A codes thread, a massive list of codes, and what they do, would be super...

A photo edit thread, just crammed with tips on how to do strange things with Gimp and Scribus and...

A locked out thread full of tried solutions by users who have suffered the dreaded freeze ups and lockouts...

Maybe call the new forum, "Glitches, Itches, Witches, and Bitches"

Threads of only the productive posts, omitting all the goofy stuff... The way it is everywhere, it's like "a thousand hay stacks, and a thousand needles to search for"...

Just a thought...

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Re: A new general forum in Forum...

There would be many thousands of such threads and trying to find out which goes where would be a nightmare. Advanced Search or the Google-Fedora Search feature should give you more help with your issues, but if you look carefully at the titles of the current Forums, there's a place for each of your problems to be posted and probably some info on each in the current Guides. And, then there's the FedoraProject Wiki and instructions that we've linked above.

Just as info, in a terminal your root password SHOULD work just fine, so something's borked there. It's in gui where logging in as root has been generally disabled (workarounds are available in Guides, however).

And, of course, until it's officially released, all things regarding F14 should be put in the F14 Development forum.

That said, when you post a thread and don't get the full answer to your questions, don't hesitate to follow up with that person or to explain a bit further why things still aren't right.

Fedora, and all linux for that matter, is a composite of individuals offering bits of knowledge, mostly unpaid. There's many, many different thoughts and instructions out there and it's very hard to combine them.

Fedora Spins & Remixes is the correct forum for doing your custom install CD.
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Re: A new general forum in Forum...

Good points Bob.. and thanks for the tips...

At least try it with one thread... Take a bunch of threads on a topic that a lot f folks read daily.. clean out the posts that aren't purely reference content.. assemble the thread with data and tips posts that aren't necessarily related to each successive post, then test it in the forum, and ask for comments on the thread's style... Shouldn't be discounting it till you've tested it.. It might work super... I agree that many people can't handle a topic that drifts full of changes and newnesses.. but geniuses can, they enjoy bouncing around changing things, and most Linux people are geniuses...

"Just as info, in a terminal your root password SHOULD work just fine..."
I installed Fedora encrypted, with the two passwords.. Both passwords don't work in Terminal..? Is there supposed to be a third password..?
I thinks I might be able to make a custom Fedora install CD if I could get Terminal to accept commands...

This is pretty-much what I find on "how to make a fedora custom install CD"...

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