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Old 2nd February 2009, 11:34 AM
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Mono on Fedora 10? Anyone?

I thought of giving Mono a try but when I when to its download page they only had support for RedHat and OpenSuse when it comes to Linux distros.

Has anyone managed to successfully install and run it on FC 10? Could someone please point me to guide, if there is one, on how to install it?
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Old 2nd February 2009, 11:38 AM
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Have you had a look at the available packages ?

yum list | grep mono |sort

To see what is available.

Then use yum to install the package(s) you want.

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Old 2nd February 2009, 11:40 AM
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What wrong with the fedora version ?

[root@localhost leigh]# yum list |grep mono
mono-addins.x86_64                    0.3.1-2.2.fc10              installed     
mono-addins-devel.x86_64              0.3.1-2.2.fc10              installed     
mono-core.x86_64                      2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mono-data.x86_64                      2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mono-data-sqlite.x86_64               2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mono-devel.x86_64                     2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mono-extras.x86_64                    2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mono-ndoc.x86_64                      1.3.1-3.fc10                installed     
mono-nunit.x86_64                     2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mono-nunit-devel.x86_64               2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mono-nunit22.x86_64                   2.2.10-7.fc10               installed     
mono-sharpcvslib.x86_64               0.35-3.fc10                 installed     
mono-web.x86_64                       2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mono-winforms.x86_64                  2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mono-zeroconf.x86_64                  0.7.5-4.fc9                 installed     
mono-zeroconf-devel.x86_64            0.7.5-4.fc9                 installed     
monodoc.x86_64                        2.2-1.fc10                  installed     
mod_mono.x86_64                       2.0-6.fc10                  fedora        
mono-addins-devel.i386                0.3.1-2.2.fc10              fedora        
mono-basic.x86_64                     2.0-4.fc10                  fedora        
mono-basic-devel.i386                 2.0-4.fc10                  fedora        
mono-basic-devel.x86_64               2.0-4.fc10                  fedora        
mono-cecil-flowanalysis.x86_64        0.1-0.5.20080409svn100264.fc10
mono-cecil-flowanalysis-devel.i386    0.1-0.5.20080409svn100264.fc10
mono-cecil-flowanalysis-devel.x86_64  0.1-0.5.20080409svn100264.fc10
mono-core.i386                        2.0.1-12.fc10               fedora        
mono-data-firebird.x86_64             2.0.1-12.fc10               fedora        
mono-data-oracle.x86_64               2.0.1-12.fc10               fedora        
mono-data-postgresql.x86_64           2.0.1-12.fc10               fedora        
mono-data-sybase.x86_64               2.0.1-12.fc10               fedora        
mono-debugger.i386                    0.60-3.fc9                  fedora        
mono-debugger.x86_64                  0.60-3.fc9                  fedora        
mono-debugger-devel.i386              0.60-3.fc9                  fedora        
mono-debugger-devel.x86_64            0.60-3.fc9                  fedora        
mono-devel.i386                       2.0.1-12.fc10               fedora        
mono-jscript.x86_64                   2.0.1-12.fc10               fedora        
mono-locale-extras.x86_64             2.0.1-12.fc10               fedora        
mono-ndoc-devel.i386                  1.3.1-3.fc10                fedora        
mono-ndoc-devel.x86_64                1.3.1-3.fc10                fedora        
mono-nunit-devel.i386                 2.0.1-12.fc10               fedora        
mono-nunit22-devel.i386               2.2.10-7.fc10               fedora        
mono-nunit22-devel.x86_64             2.2.10-7.fc10               fedora        
mono-sharpcvslib-devel.i386           0.35-3.fc10                 fedora        
mono-sharpcvslib-devel.x86_64         0.35-3.fc10                 fedora        
mono-tools.x86_64                     2.0-8.fc10                  fedora        
mono-tools-devel.i386                 2.0-8.fc10                  fedora        
mono-tools-devel.x86_64               2.0-8.fc10                  fedora        
mono-zeroconf-devel.i386              0.7.5-4.fc9                 fedora        
monodevelop.x86_64                    1.9-6.fc10                  fedora        
monodevelop-devel.i386                1.9-6.fc10                  fedora        
monodevelop-devel.x86_64              1.9-6.fc10                  fedora        
monodoc-devel.i386                    2.0-5.fc10                  fedora        
monodoc-devel.x86_64                  2.0-5.fc10                  fedora        
monosim.x86_64                            updates       
monotone.x86_64                       0.42-2.fc10                 updates       
monotone-server.x86_64                0.42-2.fc10                 updates       
monotone-viz.x86_64                   1.0.1-2.fc9                 fedora        
monotorrent.x86_64                    0.60-1.fc10                 updates       
monotorrent-devel.i386                0.60-1.fc10                 updates       
monotorrent-devel.x86_64              0.60-1.fc10                 updates       
perl-Test-AutoBuild-monotone.x86_64   1.2.2-6.fc10                fedora        
themonospot.x86_64                        fedora        
trac-monotone-plugin.noarch           0.0.14-1.20080208mtnb4dd178b.fc9
un-extra-fonts-jamonovel.noarch       1.0.2-0.7.080608.fc10       fedora        
[root@localhost leigh]#


yum install mono-*
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Old 2nd February 2009, 11:41 AM
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why not just use yum install mono wouldnt that be easier?
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Old 2nd February 2009, 11:43 AM
kaizur Offline
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thanks for the prompt replies.. i shall try them.

also I did know of "yum list | grep mono |sort" so i thank you for that too
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Old 2nd February 2009, 01:32 PM
kaizur Offline
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I installed mono using "yum -y install mono-*" and in the Applications>Programming menu it I saw that ilContrast and Monodoc were installed.. but when i tried either of them a windows would open with the relevant title but it would, almost instantly, disappear.

Could someone help me start mono running? or atleast enlighten me as to how to compile c# code?
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Old 2nd February 2009, 04:17 PM
lovenemesis Offline
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Well, I am not a c sharp develper and have no idea about mono. But how about check the /usr/share/doc folder? There should be some mono documents installed. They might explain how to compile c sharp code under mono.
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