I think I might kill myself
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    I think I might kill myself

    After four attempts at installing Fedora Core 4, I finally did it. And I am posting from it, but. One problem..... The look, it looks nothing like the screenshots I have seen. I was wondering if it is because I installed Fedora Server instead of Desktop or something.

    Here is a screenshot of what it looks like, http://i2.tinypic.com/r8ynpt.jpg


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    From the looks of it, slap some themes on it and change the settings for the styles and stuff?

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    You have to do a lot tweaking. Need some gnome themes: www.gnome-look.org and www.kde-look.org

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    Install Gnome or KDE and enjoy the look. It looks like the pure Xserver.

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    Basically summing up the first two posts...

    You are running X-Server as your user interface, which is basically a raw version of Fedora...compare to a MS DOS Command line if you will. In order to get a more user friendly interface, do as follows:

    Your first step would be to install a graphical interface such as Gnome, or KDE. After doing so you can go to the respective website for new themes/wallpaper (Skins.)

    Gnome- http://www.gnome-look.org
    KDE- http://www.kde-look.org

    Hope this helps! Have fun and good luck!


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