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    Ambiguous-69 Guest

    Greeting screen is not changing when using Gnome login screen application

    I am having a problem with my greeting screens not changing when I install and select teh one i want through KDE.

    This does work on one of my computers which i havnt made any mad any major changes to the xorg.conf.

    But the other computer where i have made changes (well where ATI drivers made changes to my xorg.conf file) is locked in the default greeting screen and does not want to change when i select a different greeting screen through the gnome login screen application.

    I am doing this through KDE by the way. Is there any way to define or check what greeting screen application is defined on the system that governs this.

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    daihard Guest

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    Ambiguous-69 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by daihard
    Thanks for that

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    daihard Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ambiguous-69
    Thanks for that
    You're welcome. One thing I forgot to mention. You will also need to open the file called "/etc/X11/xdm/kdmrc", find the line that starts with UseTheme, and set the value to false, as follows:
    This will get rid of the Bluecurve Theme used by default with your KDM screen.

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