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    supanova Guest

    Samba - howto maintain a mount between reboots

    Hi All

    I have a mount to some shares on my laptop, but need to perform a smbumount and then do the smbmount again. This is a pain to do every morning.... I'm sure that the solution is simple.

    Now a man on smbmount says "Mounts sometimes stop working..." hmm...

    Anyone know a way around this... or is the only option a script that fires from cron every once in a while?



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    you can put a line in /etc/fstab, read up on the syntax but it's something like:

    //computer/share /mnt/samba smbfs user,rw,password=nomoresecrets,user=supanova 0 0

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    supanova Guest

    Yip.... this I do know.... I'll see if it helps.... should be in fstab anyway to survive reboots... the things is that I've noticed that any mounts to the samba share on alinux box seems to survive if the remote box is taken down...

    Another strange problem I'm having is with character sets

    I'm running XP on the laptop (SP2) with en_us.... the same on my linux box.... and yet filename with something like a copyright symbol rsync will complain about.... I do a daily sync to my linux box using rync over a samba mount....

    Any ideas?


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