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    Can't format new hard-drive?

    Hey folks, here's the problem: I switched to FC4 last week and I have it installed on a crappy 30G hdd, and I have another 120G hdd that I would like to use as storage media.
    The thing is, it's formatted in NTFS and I want to re-format it to ext2fs.
    I've tried mke2fs, fdisk etc etc and no command wants to format the new hard drive for me. Bash just keeps on telling me that the command isn't found.

    I am a newbie to linux as well so if i'm missing something obvious please let me know.

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    You must be root to use the disk management commands. Use "su -", so that your $PATH gets initialized correctly and the system commands are found.

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    Yeah, I realised that the directory containing sdisk, mkfs etc was not in my path.
    My bad. Thanks anyway man, i've got it sorted now.

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