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    FC4: Very poor quality audio

    I'm running an Abit IC7 mobo (875P chipset) with an onboard AC '97 soundcard, it has a very bad sound quality. When there is even a moderately high-pitched sound (i.e. the sign-on and sign-off sound in Gaim), there is a lot of fuzz/distortion. On my Windows partition the sound is fine, so I'm sure it's not my speakers (2.0 Altec Lansing). I checked the Realtek website, there isn't a Linux driver, so I'm out of luck there. Does anyone know of any alternate mixer I could use? I'm using the default FC4 one right now, Alsa. Thanks in advance.

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    try typing
    # alsamixer
    then u can change ur mixer settings - I noticed it does this on my SBLive! card, too, to a certain extent, when the volume is too high on any of the speakers, master volume, or PCM. Try putting master volume and PCM no higher than around 80% full.
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    Refer to this thread:
    and check that your esd settings are ok.

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    Off topic, I installed doom3 in fedora and mandriva and I was amazed about the sound issue in fedora. Mandriva gives me very good sound with game but not fedora.

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