X Server: Unable to detect
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    tariqzi Guest

    X Server: Unable to detect

    I have downloaded the ati-driver-installer-8.16.20-i386, but whenever i try to install it, it gives the error "X Server: unable to detect"

    I have recently installed fedora core 2, and dont know very much about it.

    Can anyone tell me what could be the solution.


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    Are you using init 3? if so you can install in X enviroment just like I did for my laptop: http://www.fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=76160

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    tariqzi Guest
    Hell Imdeemvp,
    thanks for replying.
    I have downloaded the driver, opened the terminal and enter the command ./ati-driver......
    It Uncompressed the files and then just says X Server; unable to detect...

    I have not given init 3 command anywhere


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