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    ElZorro Guest

    Now some MP# playing in Fedora 4, but not embedded noatum

    Hi Fedora team;
    I have installed Fedora 4 and upgraded it to kernel 2.6.12 etc wiyh command line yum upgrade.
    I cannot play MP3's with any players, totem says no support, and noatum will not run.
    Is this a bug, and is there a solution
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    weinerdogus Guest
    Do this for mp3 You will need to install the livna repo from here.

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    ElZorro Guest

    mp3 Playing in Fedora4

    Hi weinerdogus,
    thanks for the reply so quick too.
    Once livna installed, and files downloaded with root yum install some players were enabled for mp3, but still not the embedded noatum player.
    Anyway better some than none!

    Pity about all these long lived US patents they will be the death of the greedy Western world, at least with software and music anyway
    Best ElZorro
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    Everything about multimedia is here:

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    smfinley Guest
    See the rhythmbox, xmms, beep, and amarok sections here.

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