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    bub Guest

    Question Cleaning /tmp?

    I searched but couldn't find what I wanted so....
    I am more advanced with Windows than Linux, and I was wondering if I should clean the /tmp directory or if it cleans itself. I don't know why, but I looked at it today and started getting worried when I saw all of these weird name folders and files in there (names look like random numbers and letters)................

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    ark n saw out in the sticks
    well--if it bothers you there is a way (and if weird stuff starts happening too and you need it to stop)--from the command line

    fixfiles relabel; reboot

    answer yes to deleteing tmp files and let it run and then it will reboot and the tmp directory is cleaned/deleted and restored by the new bootup.
    edit---misspelled relabel first time--sorry.

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    bub Guest
    Hmmm.... well I typed in fixfiles relabel; reboot but there wan't any option to type in yes. And after it finished rebooting, they were still there. Thanks for trying but..................

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    ark n saw out in the sticks
    And they will always be there--hopefully!!
    general place to keep temporary housekeeping stuff that changes from boot to boot.
    It isn't broken.
    Don't fix it.

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    int80h Guest
    1. boot into runlevel 3 (aka non-graphical mode)
    2. type this command as root:
    rm -rf /tmp/*
    3. reboot

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    The "tmpwatch" program will clean up your /tmp, you don't need to delete its contents manually.

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