FC3 Sound not working
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    bub Guest

    FC3 Sound not working

    I just installed Fedora Core 3 and did all the updates. But I go to soundcard detection, and turn on speakers, and put volume control on high, but there is no sound...... I reboot, try again and still there is no sound........

    (If any of you know how to fix this, can you explain in basic terms, I'm a newbie at Linux )

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    saphetiger Guest
    What does dmesg report back to you?

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    Type in
    as root and make sure all the options are turned up and not mutted. Hit "m" to unmute/mute. And make sure you're running the latest kernel if you're not already.
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    run the MAKEDEV read this link .
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    bub Guest
    Ok thanks for the quick replies

    dmesg I didn't know what I was looking at, /sbin/lspci I still had no clue, alsamixer I did but the sound didn't work, shams your link didn't work, I recieved a 404 error.

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    i am sorry fot that , now the links is woking, this link .

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    bub Guest
    Thank You bunches shams!!!!!

    It works!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shams
    i am sorry fot that , now the links is woking, this link .
    Thanks for tip.....I know that it was helpful to me too. BTW, my sound was working great and then ran yum updates and after that it muted my sound.

    The tip was never necessary to do in my laptop until now...... I hope we are NOT being like windows after patching stuff get worst then before

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    rathed9 Guest
    Similar problem I guess. When I put FC3 on my desktop PC, I unmute the sound and it works. Unfortunately it ran kinda slow and clunky compared to the Mandrake I had up. So I bought a laptop for the FC and it fits like a glove....except sound. The closest I get is getting a buzzing staticy sound like some kind of repetitive loop, which is annoying. Reinstalled (because a dual boot with Ubuntu knocked my FC root off the system.) Now with 40 gb of Fedora, the first rpm command line install experience was a snap, everything nearly perfect but...no sound, no matter what I seem to do with Kmix, alsamixer (on command line) and the control center on KDE. The good news is, no staticy droning, bad news, nothing sonic at all. Not sure where to start with troubleshooting since the normal routes turn up nothing. What is the usual config for Kmix concerning input, output etc?

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