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    Henry2630 Guest

    Question Openssl

    I'm tring to install Hula Mail on a new Fedora Core 4 installation, but it tell me that doesn't exist. It's true! I have!

    I tried to install so.4 but it tells me I have a newer version.

    How do we get around this one - Nothing complicated unless you explain in words of one syllable - I'm a newbie to Linux

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    If you're still looking for an answer to this. I had the same problem trying to install gkrellm. is just a link anyway. copy it, and rename the copy to and it worked for me. You might have to do the same for
    Mark Higgins

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    Henry2630 Guest
    I found it accidentally another way. I installed ProFTPD and that did it all for me and after the install I had both. worked OK after that!

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