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    How to Install Fedora on 150+ machines

    Hi List;

    Anyone have any ideas on how I could automate the install of Fedora on 150+
    computers with various specs (i.e. a variety of models, sound cards, video
    cards, hard drive sizes, etc)


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    Are you familiar with Kickstart?
    I would recommend to use Kickstart Install via local NFS Server.

    Thomas Chung

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    Doesn't a tipical unix (Linux) factory use X-Boxs for terminal display of their Server Account?

    You need about 10 or 15 big VNC type servers.

    But if you insist on madness, use the PXE, proxy ftp, and a lot of disk space.

    As I understand it, one can boot, install, or install and check for new install, or install and check for updates. But that's over my head.

    You'll need 3 or 4 boxes just to get started.
    Time to Google and read.

    Do the Math

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    There yea go, couldn't remenber the word. Kickstart.
    Do the Math

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