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    huizhu55 Guest

    Default route in FC4


    I have a question regarding default route in FC4: in OS like Solaris the default route infomation is stored in a file /etc/defaultrouter, is there an equivalent in FC? I know you can use route command to add one, but where is stored? Thanks.

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    madscientist Guest
    At the end of the man page for 'route', it lists the files


    Maybe that provides a starting place. Though, using the route command, you should be able to both view and maniupulate the routing table as is, so I'm not sure what a file location will provide you above and beyond what the route command can do.

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    kg4cbk Guest
    In /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices there should be a file such as ifcfg-eth0. In that file you can define and entry for where is your default gateway.

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