I am a very virgin user of Linux , and am feeling very ignorant at this point in reality...any cliffs nearby to jump off of? Ok, I installed the basic fiirst two disks set up of FC4. I then did my updates. I am now trying to install Thunderbird, as I guess it was on one of the other two discs. I am unable to get it to execute and open using the programs that come with FC4. So, I took a giant leap in thought and typed in *up2date thunderbird* in the terminal, and it did it's thing...except it says *Aborting...Package thunderbird-1.0.2-6 does not have a GPG signature.* Anf this means?? I found a suggestion to use Yum, but I cannot even locate it on the system.
Also, I have some RAR files containing my saved data, and am trying to figure out how I am going to get to it...any clues?
Will be bashing my brains in, in the meantime...any help is appreciated.
~Lucidangel(not so lucid with FC4)