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    Totem libdvdcss Error

    I installed Totem a few days ago and was able to watch a DVD fine. I just bought a new DVD and am now getting this error:

    The source seems encrypted, and can't be read. Are you trying to play an encrypted DVD without libdvdcss?

    The funny thing is that the sound plays for about 2-3 seconds on no matter what scene/chapter I select. But then the video gets shaky for a split second and this error occurs. Not sure what is happening. I have libdvdcss installed:

    [root@localhost ~]# rpm -qa | grep libdvd

    I am running FC4-64 on an AMD64 processor.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    rwhite7890 Guest
    OK. Its doing it with every DVD now. I tried it on another one and it did it, and then I tried it on the DVD I was able to play before and it did it with that as well. I have not installed anything or even used my computer since the last time I played this DVD. ????

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    Are you using the totem that came with fedora? if so revome and install via yum which will all the dependencies needed.

    1. Remove totem:
    rpm -e totem
    2. If you repos are setup install via yum:
    yum install totem-xine

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    rwhite7890 Guest
    Yes, this is how I installed it in the first place. Why would it just stop working, when two days ago I was able to watch DVD's fine?

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