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    Internet Search is Abysmal

    I thought that a package update had fixed the rendering problem with Fedora 4.0, but it did not with either Mozilla or Konqueror. A typical URL load requires at least 13 seconds. This is from a new installation, updated, and installed to a formatted drive. Xandros and Win2000 both require one to 2 1/2 seconds maximum on a 1.500mbps ADSL . The problem, at first, was random; now it is universal. I really want to get this one running full throtte because it has class otherwise, but I cannot waste my time on a turtle. Has anyone else had this problem? Did you find a solution?

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    I have had this problem since FC3, however after a while FC3 sorted itself out. No joy with FC4 though, really anoying.

    I can hook up to anything quick from the shell but not a browser, I have your problem where it takes just too long to lookup a hostname and display the page.


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