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    Sangeetha Guest

    Deleted a normal user and would like to recreate the same user

    Hello all,
    I deleted a normal user named "anand" but i took the back up of the home directory of anand and saved it under root /anand_16thJune.

    Now when i created the same user with the home directory replaced with the /anand_16thJune. Some of the .folders didnt allow me to copy saying that i dont have permissions to do that. As some files had ? as the permissions and the group name and owner name of it.

    When i did that whenever i login as anand it gives me a message:

    when I re-logged in, I got an error "An error
    occured while loading or saving configuration information or gs. Some
    of your configuration settings may not work properly." with the dialog
    box titled "Gnome settings daemon

    I would like to revert back to my previous user settings.

    Pls help me.


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    bytesniper Guest
    you need to set the ownership of the files. since you deleted the user that originaly owned the files/directories it has no clue who ones them even though it may be the same username its likely a different UID. as root

    chown -R anand:anand /pathto/anand_16thJune

    this will make all of those files/dirs owned by the new user anand and then copy it to the user directory using 'cp -r ...'

    this is assuming of course that user anand is a member of group anand. if not substitute correct group in chown command.

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