hibernate FC4 on Dell 600m
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    milosilak Guest

    hibernate FC4 on Dell 600m

    It only works by pressing the on/off button, doesn't work by closing the lid (which is not a problem at all, I just spent a long time trying to figure it out before I tried the on/off button).

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    Apr 2004
    this worked for me on FC3, I haven't installed FC4 just yet but it should be the same.

    Fedora Core 8

    Dell Dimension E520
    2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo / 2 GB RAM
    128 MB nVidia GeForce 7300LE

    Dell Inspiron 600m
    1.5 GHz Pentium M / 1.25 GB RAM
    64 MB ATI Mobility Radeon
    Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100


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    lu_morning Guest
    csfalcon you are awesome. It works great on fc4 dell 600m. Whole lot easier to setup than the hibernate to swap method.

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    jspaar Guest
    The latest version of pm-utils in rawhide has pm-suspend, which is a slightly spiffier version of csfalcon's sleep.sh.

    It does the same thing, but has hooks to unload/reload the wireless network driver, save the clock to hardware, etc.

    Nice to see that redhat is actively working on laptop support.

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    filamoon Guest
    What happens when the system wakes up?
    I use fc3 + kde 3.4, suspend works fine, but when the system wakes up, I have to log into the desktop again. Therefore I lose the session, although I don't need to reboot the computer.

    Any ideas to solve this problem? KDE's own power management never works on my laptop. It can suspend, but cannot wake up, lol.

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    lu_morning Guest
    I don't know what you mean by lose the session. I have fedora core 4 using 600m laptop. Here's what happens when I select ctl+esc. The laptop goes into level 2 sleep, which saves the current session to memory and turns off everything else. Now as an example, I have applications open and applications running say mp3 player with song X.
    I close the laptop lid and do something else. If I open the lid shortly say a few minutes, I do not need to log in. If after a while say more than 30 minutes, when I open the lid, it will take a few seconds to start everything up and I need to log in. In either case, when I log in, I should have all my applications open as before and the mp3 player should be playing song X It's really simple and I don't need to download any package.

    To Jspaar,
    I have looked into your comment on pm-utils, it looks like the feature is not supported. There seems to be a package for 64bit machines but not for our standard processor. If anyone found the package for pm-utils, please post.

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    lu_morning Guest
    filamoon, I missed your part on not wake up. I am using gnome instead of kde, but this should make no difference. I suggest you use fdc core 4, it may have a more current power management software. Did you follow the instruction here
    exactly? http://www.csfalcon.com/index.jsp?to...end%20to%20RAM
    There are two event files, the lid.sh should wakeup the machine when you open the lid. You do have lid open trigger feature on your laptop right? The instruction only works with lap top since you need this trigger to wake everything up.

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    jspaar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lu_morning
    To Jspaar,
    I have looked into your comment on pm-utils, it looks like the feature is not supported. There seems to be a package for 64bit machines but not for our standard processor. If anyone found the package for pm-utils, please post.
    The latest pm-utils rpm is in the development repository (aka "rawhide"), look under the directory for your architecture (i386, for non-64bit Intel or AMD processors):

    BUT if you already have csfalcon's scripts working for you, might as well stick to that for now. Pm-suspend does a somewhat fancier* version of suspend and resume, but you still have to configure acpi to glue particular events to the pm-suspend command (like what csfalcon's step-by-step instructions do for his sleep.sh). It's very easy if you know a little shell scripting, but otherwise why fuss with it.

    *By "fancier" I mean it has hooks to tell NetworkManager via dbus to stop or start, synchronize the hardware clock, and video card-specific instructions to work with ATI or nVidia quirks. Works for me, but it is still in development.

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    filamoon Guest
    Thanks for you replies By "lose the session" I mean KDE and X quit. All X applications are teminated.

    But I have solved this problem. I need to switch to a text virtual console before close the lid. I guess it's because of the strange resolution I am using (1280x800). So I modified lid.sh such that it switches to console 12 using ''chvt 12" before "echo mem > /sys/power/state". Now it's working fine

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    lu_morning Guest
    Filamoon, glad to share info. It's good to have a forum with helpful ppl. Thx Jspaar for the additional info. I'll keep my eyes on this continual development. I'll try it out when I get the chance and post back if I decide to configure it.

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