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    Windows rapidly approaching desktop usability

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    Artik Guest
    Have to tell, it is really fun...

    But more funnier stuff that it is true... maybe except that there are less HW issues in Windows in average (NOT TELLING THERE ARE NO!!!)

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    Pretty good read PeTzZz--quite a bit tongue-in-cheek, except for the "base software". Microsoft could have included a ton of stuff with Windows, but they pooped in their own nest on that one.
    Please give credit where credit is due--say thanks in the active thread.
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    lightbulb41 Guest
    I use win 95 98 and Xp I know all about its crashings and things. I wish linux had as much third party support as EVIL Microsoft. I am trying to switch from windows to FD4 Give me luck I am going to need it.

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    Daizy Guest
    You won't need luck lightbulb, Linux teaches you how to use it itself. which is nothing like everyones experience of windows.

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    This is a totally new view from those posted over this forum

    Windows trying to keep up with Linux?

    Not a general point of view.

    Loved that article

    EDIT: Windows is terrible, I searched for 5-10 hrs, and I still couldn't figure out how to change that 'start' button to say something else
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    mellis95 Guest
    If you still want to change the start button text, I found this, but haven't tried it yet.

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    suitepotato Guest
    Contrarian thought here.

    "Install a web cam on XP, noob."

    "Sure, okay." (inserts CD as package says to do in three inch high letters, software starts itself on insertion, installs drivers after five clicks, noob inserts webcam cord into USB socket, starts Yahoo chat) 'There."

    "Very good, noob. Now install on that FC3 box over there."

    "Uh, sure." (finds no drivers on CD, plugs webcam cord into USB socket praying Linux detects it, nothing happens, knows enough to resort to Google...) "Are you kidding? What are these 0x092 codes and things? Make? Make what?"

    "Never mind"

    Windows is eminently more usable than Linux for almost every single user. My FC3 boxes, and their hours of customization and configuration to make them do the things that Windows does with five clicks are not for the average person. And yeah, I got two Logitech Quickcam Chat cams and the latest nVidia drivers installed on both OSes on two dual-boot boxes. I could almost recite my xorg.conf file from memory and if I modprobe one more time, I'm gonna feel dirty and in need of a shower.

    Who cares about changing the Start button? This is about use-ability, not mod-ability.

    (BTW, I also have the Red Hat 9 version of Yahoo Messenger installed very nicely on FC3 and I note that, probably due to Linux' legendary lack of webcam support, they didn't put that functionality in it. I would frigging pay to get it added at this point. I must find a way to get some money to the people responsible for the spca5xx drivers. They absolutely rock; but the installation isn't for your average user.)

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    imdeemvp Guest
    Linspire is being use here in the US by some vendors as alternative to M$ os. has a weekly special on a desktop running linspire for $149.

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    gavinw6662 Guest
    now that is a pretty dam funny article. Thanks for the entertainment!!

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    Who cares about changing the Start button? This is about use-ability, not mod-ability.
    For some people something is only usable if they can change things. If everyone just let things as they are, then there will never be progress and improvement.
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    Linux The Great Guest
    As a linux user, I bought a laptop about a month ago. Thought I would be able to stand windows in a mobile setting.

    With how it manages memory (by constantly placing programs into "swap") it makes a very poor OS to put on a laptop. The other thing I've noticed is that programs constantly want your attention (damn system tray). I'm amazed that I can get anything done at all.

    The Athlon 64 3200 runs sluggishly on Windows. The Athlon 64 3000 in my linux desktop screems. Linux crashed one time in a school year (September to May of the next year). Windows has crashed 8 times in the month I've owned my laptop.

    The benefits of Linux far out-weigh my need to have a webcam.

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    brisray Guest
    All of this boils down to what you're used to.

    As a new user to Linux and using FC5 I'm having more problems learning how to do things than I ever did with Windows or Macs. I've even managed to lock up the whole of Fedora more than a few times - something I was led to believe was very uncommon.

    It would also help if people who write Linux "how-tos" knew how to write for normal people and not people who spend all their time reading technical manuals. It's like the difference between reading some of the articles at (who'll never get an award from the Plain English Campaign) and the same information presented at (easier to understand but not down to the "HTML for the BrainDead" level)


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    LMFAO !!!

    That's the greatest article I have ever read. I'm the only Linux user in my group of friends (most of which aren't really that computer-savvy).

    My computer came pre-installed with Windows 2k (other one with Windows XP). I have had similar problems with the programs. I just reformatted Windows XP because of all the malware (viruses, spyware, adware, scumware, and all that jazz). After that, I had to install Norton AV, spybot, firefox, and upgrade everything. The whole installation time took like 4 hours to do! This is on a Toshiba Satellite, which aren't too bad (not the greatest). I bet if I installed Linux on it, it would take less than 1 hour. In fact, it took less than 1 hour for this installation, and this is supposedly the slower computer! I had to reboot a total of 10 or so times.

    Then when I started it up, I saw all sorts of programs that I have never, and probably won't, use in my entire life. The icons filled up half the screen 0_o!

    Switching from Linux to Windows definitely sounds harder than the other way around. I was "the other way around," and I didn't have any problems. Still missing some of the software that I need such as Flash MX Pro 2004. But at least there's f4l and GPLFlash. Gonna install those soon.

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