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    Trendkill Guest

    Angry Samba issue : access denied on windows xp!

    hey everybody how are you all? im fustrated to a point where im gonna.. well lets not get into that

    basically, ive gone and set up a samba sharing network, and all im getting when trying to access anything via windows xp is a "please login" screen. i put in my details (i try and put in root for the machine to verify) and it keeps saying i am not allowed to access this folder etc

    also, when trying to install a linux printer share onto winxp, it prompts me for a usrname/password again, only to tell me the credentials dont match

    what does all this mean, do i need to upload my .conf file for you to look at, or am i missing a step? i created samba users david and sarah, and my "normal" user on my linux box is david. my user names i use on my winxp box are also david and sarah.

    is there some kind of guide for fedora core 3 and windows xp that has some kind of picture guide or how to add the printers via windows xp. there was a great guide by an aussie guy that i got from the how to forum, but for some reason that has brought me to this point here and i dont know where to go from there.

    any help with this would be apprciated. its their that or i go find the aussie who made samba and make him help me lol :/

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    blammo Guest
    Try adding the users to the smb password file:
    smbpasswd -a user
    Give the users the same password as the XP box. If the "normal" user and "smb user" on the linux box, and the XP user all have the same login credentials, then the home directories and printer shares on the linux box should be available to the XP user without any login at all.
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    Trendkill Guest
    ive done that already, thanks for the idea though.. i thought that was the problem as well but it didnt work.. is there a really basic smb.conf file floating around on the net that i can have a look at maybe?

    under smbpasswd ive got the users
    david pw:fullm00n
    sarah pw: tenn1s

    under winxp, they are the same passwords and user names
    under my linux box, there is both a sarah and david user name.

    i think the problem is, i dont know what TO include, what NOT to include in the smb.conf file because a lot of sites just dont say what each of these things do

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    blammo Guest
    The default smb.conf file as it comes with Fedora will work fine in this scenario. The only thing you would probably have to change in it would be the name of the workgroup so it shows up in Network Neighborhood on Windows. The home directories of the user will show up in the browse list, and can be accessed by that user without any login. Same with the printer if it was properly setup and shared. If you've messed with the smb.conf file you can just reinstall the rpm using the --force option so you get a fresh smb.conf file.

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    03giant Guest
    This might help.

    You may find this helpful too, with a few examples in there.

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    Trendkill Guest
    thanks for the links, ill have to have a go when i get home from work tonight.,.. ill keep you all posted!!!

    thanks blammo and giant for the advice.

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    Trendkill Guest
    ok new update :

    i installed swat onto my machine, and cleared smb.conf and started over again freshly. i now am able to file share no worries, and i no longer get a "access denied" status on windows xp with the printer, i just get a good ol fashioned "Ready"

    now the only problem is, when i do go to say print, windows says its being printed, but my printer does absoltely nothing and just sits there with a evil grin "you havent got me going yet!" it yells at me :P

    in other words, its saying its ready (good thing!) but now nothing is actually printing. am i missing a step here?!

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    03giant Guest
    is the job showing up in the print que on your linux machine?

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    Trendkill Guest
    no its not actually :/

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    03giant Guest
    can you post the printer section of the samba.conf?

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    Trendkill Guest
    well im actually at work atm.. so not until tonight unfortunately :/
    i dont think it has anything to do with permissions due to the printer actually being available now :/

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    03giant Guest
    my thought was that the directory setting could be wrong.
    I am probably wrong though. not sure what to do from here. My only other thought would be something got goofed with the drivers.

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    Trendkill Guest
    directory setting of where the printer is located or the spool directory?

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    03giant Guest
    the spool directory

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    Trendkill Guest
    ok well when i get home ill paste it in here.. the spool directory should be /var/spool/samba right?

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