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    Shrink volume group?

    I wanted to try some other linux flavors. I have a hard drive with FC3 on it. By default it has the LVM has given the logical volume 001 pretty much all of the disk space. I understand how to create partitions for boot and swap, etc, but I don't know how to shrink down this lv to give me free space on the drive. Should I be attempting to install the other distro WITHIN that volume? Probably not.

    I've searched and I see info on increasing the size of volumes but not decreasing. The posts refer to lvm tools, but I have no idea where those might be. Any ideas how to shrink it down, say to 100 gig and leave me 20 or so to play with as I like?

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    If you try to shrink your FC3 partition, the chances are excellent that you will lose data and have any number of problems. I'd strongly recommend that you backup your critical data and repartition your whole HD, leaving enough free space for future partitions, then reinstall FC3.
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    Shrinking a filesystem just sounds like it will leave you with scrambled egg.

    Why not dig out an ancient 2G hard drive or whatever you have lying around from The Cupboard That Time Forgot and install on to that. I really do think multiboot partitions are the work of the Devil, install one OS per HDD is the safest way.
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