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    mplayer installation

    Hello, I am trying to install mplayer and i have problems with nvidia, I dont have nvidia, I use ati, and when I do yum install mplayer it says also to install the nvidia drivers (i dont want them) or if I download the mplayer.rpm and rpm -i it, it also needs the nvidia drivers.

    how can i install it with ati?

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    you might want to try the smartpm 'http://www.smartpm.org'. I use it to install alot of things (mplayer being one of them) and it seems to work for me. I suggest using the 0.29 packages as I had a friend that used the 0.30 and the 'search' function didn't work properly. I don't know if this will solve your ati problem or not but it is a useful tool nontheless. Remeber to down load the smart-gui as well. You will also have to install a wack load of GPG-KEYS as well which is also found on this forum at http://www.fedoraforum.org/forum/showthread.php?t=29161 Just scroll down to sailors report for the addresses on the imports. Once smart-gui is loaded you will have to refresh the channels and then away you go


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    For some reason getting mplayer with yum, has caused issues with some users
    They say to get mplayer using apt if you want more info about apt let me point you to a page
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    please remember to say if you problem was solved

    Did you get your id10t award today?

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