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    S3xyNaniGoat Guest

    Question Totally new to this.

    I'm purchasing a Dell server and putting fedora on it. I'm not buying an operating system with the server. Now, Dell gives me three non O/s purchase options.
    1) - no O/s (microsoft)
    2) - no O/s
    3) - no O/s (redhat configuration)

    My question - What does this mean? I was under the impression Linux ran on most anything. Fast response any1?

    I'm very new to linux.


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    imdeemvp Guest
    Linux will run on most hardware at least 90% or better. What is the main purpose of your server?

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    S3xyNaniGoat Guest
    I'm just trying to get comfortable with Fedora and broaden my knowledge outside of Windows servers. I'll Probably use this server as an ftp, web, game server, and or mail.

    Infact this server will be turned into a gaming server within 6 months.

    Specs - dual 2.8 xeon w/800 fsb, 2 gig ddr2, pci-x compatible
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    foolish Guest
    To get you started:

    Rule number 1: Read documentation.
    Rule number 2: Read documentation.

    If you want to get on top of this linux stuff, you have to read. There are a lot of great resources out there, use them.

    Here's some quick links to some basic stuff:

    The linux command line:

    About RPM packages:

    Read these and practise and you should be on your way.

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    Jman Guest
    No clue about the Dell server config. Do you get different hardware with each configuration?

    Get the Red Hat config if there's no difference in price.

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    S3xyNaniGoat Guest
    Thank you for the links - Foolish.

    Jman - I went ahead and bought the #2) no O/s option. I bought the server earlier today before reading your post since the deal Dell was offering expired today. They're practically giving these things away folks.

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    p3dro Guest
    i was curious S3 how did you buy it, was it for personal use or business, cause i was trying to get a server through dell, also, almost same config, but they wouldn't sell it to me cause i didn't have TAX ID#, and a whole lot of other bolony info.

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    S3xyNaniGoat Guest
    This server is for personal use as of now but It'll be a dedicated production server within the year. Dell didn't ask me any questions about what the server was getting used for. I have bought servers from them before that had Small Business 2003 Enterprise on them and I still didn't get asked the questions you did.
    I'm surprised to hear them ask you anything about the linux operating system you wanted to install, P3dro. Next time try telling them the server will be used for a paper weight and won't have any O/s on it.

    If you want to tell me exactly what they asked you for I will go back through my documents and see if I had to give any of that info.
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    p3dro Guest
    Well i call them and i was interest in their entry level, NON-OS (cause I'm planning to use fC3, but they asked me right away for my tax identification number, and i sais ... uh? ... that's when SH&^% hit the fan and the questions started, i was shocked to hear this since I had heard that people buy server all the time, so ... i'm not sure what happened, but they lost a minute part of business, So i just bought a barebone PC, and I'm installing FC3 Server, and hopefully, it'll get me started, till i can get a real one.

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    You were probably trying to buy through their corporate/business programs, as Dell doesn't routinely sell their top-line servers to just anyone off the street.
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    p3dro Guest
    You know that that you mention that, i might've

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