FC3 Default Gnome Terminal Size
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    FC3 Default Gnome Terminal Size

    Selecting "Open Terminal" from the right click desktop menu opens a 80x24 terminal window. Is there a way to set the default size of this window to something other than 80x24? Maybe 120x30?

    I am running the default gnome environment in FC3.

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    Jman Guest
    Not that I know of. If there were you could edit a profile and change that option or something like that.

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    FC3 Default Gnome Terminal Size - Update

    Didn't find exactly what I was looking for but did make a little progress. The default size of the gnome terminal window in FC3 can be modified by editing
    This apparently is the file that is parsed when you select
    Applications->System Tools->Terminal
    Editing this file will affect the menu for all users on that machine.

    What I did was modify the Exec= entry to read:
    Exec=gnome-terminal --geometry=120x30
    You need to be root to edit this file.

    After that I created a launcher on the top menu panel for that menu item. Now I get a terminal that is the size I want by clicking the launcher.

    There must be a similar file that controls the behavior of the right-click context menu but I have been unable to find it.

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    dbnichol Guest
    I'm a little late on this thread, but I thought I should shed some light since I just went through the same thing. You can definitely set the launcher characteristics with the .desktop file, but you can also control the default behavior of gnome-terminal.

    gnome-terminal is an xterm emulator, and it follows a termcap file for this. I don't know anything about termcaps, but the file can be found in
    on Fedora (I think). Anyway, there's a lot of stuff in this file you probably don't want to touch, but you can change the line that describes the terminal geometry:

    xterm-xfree86|xterm-new|xterm terminal emulator (XFree86):\

    :co#80 specifies 80 columns, and li#24 specifies 24 lines. Change this to 120 and 30 or whatever you want. Now all terminals should open for this default size.

    Hopefully this file is where I said it is. You can probably find it if it's not.

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    ghaefb Guest
    I think editing the Gnome desktop right-click without altering the source and recompiling Nautilus is not possible, which is a shame...

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    dbnichol: thanks ~ worked great for all my gnome terms

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