Where do I find a list of the best Linux apps?
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    BoHu Guest

    Where do I find a list of the best Linux apps?

    I don't need 400 text editors and 13 web browsers and blah, blah, blah. I just want the one best program of each kind. But where do I find a list of "best Linux apps"?

    FireFox, OpenOffice, and RythmBox are all excellent. But beyond these three apps I don't know what to install. When I run yum list available I get a long list of apps with arcane names and no idea what most of them do.

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    Bob D. Guest
    This is a tough question...what apps do you want to use? Do you do desktop publishing, are you a coder, what are you looking for in an email client? As each of us are unique in our needs and wants, the answer to your question depends on you.

    For example...I use and like Evolution for my email. You may not want or care about integrated calender, a tasks list, and being able to sync with a Palm Pilot. However, these things do matter to me. If they didn't, I'd most likely use Thunderbird. Other people wouldn't touch Evolution with a ten foot pole. See what I mean?

    Tell us what kind of apps or tasks you want to do and I guarantee you 'll get answers. The answers will most likely differ in some cases...but that's the fun of Linux!

    Best regards,


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    Define "best" - "best" for what? Speed? Memory usage? Bells-and-whistles? Built by left-handed developers in Upper Slobovia? (With apologies to anyone from Upper Slobovia.)

    "Best" is purely subjective, unless you're relying on benchmarks. And even then you can't depend on them.

    "Lies, damed lies, and benchmarks" - to paraphrase Mark Twain.
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    PeTzZz is offline Retired Community Manager
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    There is no best ones. There are only ones that you like the best.

    Just browse in the freshmeat.net and use filtering options to filter out the best ones for programs you want. Please don't get confused there.

    You can also check this list. It is a little bit outdated, but you may find it still useful.

    Maybe you want to check Tucows Linux top 100 most popular programs.
    Quote Originally Posted by BoHu
    But where do I find a list of "best Linux apps"?
    Now I will be a little bit ironic, but excuse it to me. So otherwise you can use Google for Linux and use the key string "best Linux apps". Maybe you even find the webpage titled like Best Linux Apps. Google is a good tool and indexes most of useful webpages. So your desired page must be there. Just vary the key string. Note: I haven't found one.

    I want to say that you can find out the best programs for you if you just browse around. One likes linux, the other windows. Windows has more users, but you still use linux. You don't find good alternatives to some windows programs on linux and vice versa. Both has pros and cons. Just choose what fits the best to you.

    Happy hunting!

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    ghaefb Guest
    www.gnomefiles.org is a great place to look for GNOME apps.
    And you need to be more specific what are you looking for.

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    foolish Guest
    As people have stated, best is subjective. But we can list the applications we use the most, and why, and it can even be quite interesting.

    Music player: Muine: it's simply the best interface for playing music if you have a lot of it, and i a lot of albums.

    Web Browser: Epiphany: it's integrated user interface makes browsing more pleasant, it handles smart bookmarks (or quick searches) better than anything else. The lack of a adblock plugin is the only thing I miss.

    RSS feed reader: Blam, again, the interface is more pleasant. The keyboard shortcuts make sense and it's fast.

    IRC Client: Xchat: I don't really like the interface, but no other graphical irc client has the power of Xchat.

    Email: Evolution: The GNOME desktop integration in GNOME 2.8 is amazing, I love to have my tasks and appointments integrated in the desktop. Automatic sorting of mail and the great handling of multiple mail accounts make this a great app.

    Instant Message: GAIM, even though it lacks some serious integration and interface love, it's power is amazing. It can do everything I need.

    Hope this helps you some, be more specific about type of app if not.

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    Here is my GNOME specific list:

    Browser: Firefox.
    Firewall: Firestarter.
    FTP/SSH tool: gFTP, OpenSSH.
    Torrent manager: Azureus. Very rich of features combined with userfriendly nice gui.
    Email client: Thunderbird. If to use keep mail on server feature then Evolution doesn't have the feature "deleting a mail in the inbox deletes that mail from the server" when using POP. Otherwise I would use Evolution instead of Thunderbird I think, but who knows - maybe even not.
    Mail notifier: gnubiff.
    RSS/RDF feed reader: Liferea. You may also want to try RSSOwl, but it is made with java. Liferea integrates with Gnome very well and has nearly all features you need, very compact.
    IRC client: XChat + SysTray plugin.
    Instant messenger: Gaim.
    Voice over internet: Skype, Gizmo.
    Group voice conversation over internet: TeamTalk.
    Streamripper: Streamripper, Streamtuner.
    Calendar program: Sunbird, Evolution.
    Notes: Zim, NoteCase.
    Media player: amaroK, but Beep Media Player (a media player based on XMMS, uses GTK) is also good.
    Mp3 manager: Madman. It hasn't been updated for a long time and actually amaroK does it all too.
    Tag editor: EasyTAG.
    Music ripper: Grip, Sound-Juicer.
    Audio editor: Audacity. You have to rebuild it with mp3 support if you want to edit mp3 files.
    Video player: Totem-xine, Kaffeine, MPlayer, KMPlayer. The choice is yours.
    CD/DVD burner: K3b. It has nice look and is easy to use. It has all features you ever need to burn CDs or DVDs. I have tried xcdroast and Gnome Baker, but they are not so complete/user friendly.
    CD library tool: GWhere, CD Library.
    Games: xBill, SuperTux, Tux Racer (renamed to PPRacer), Frozen Bubble. Last three ones will lag if you don't have NVIDIA or ATI drivers (according to your card) installed.
    P2P client: KMLDonkey (supports many networks), Nicotine (SoulSeek network).
    Torrent client: Azuerus.
    Pdf viewer: Acrobat Reader, Evince. Unfortunately Evince cannot open some (complex) pdfs.
    Download manager: d4x (Downloader for X).
    HTML editor: Bluefish, Screem, Quanta Plus, Nvu (wysiwyg).
    Powerful webpage creator/manager: Mambo. You need a server space with some extra features (php, ...) to run it.
    Java editor: Eclipse.
    Photo viewer: gThumb, Eye of GNOME.
    Digital camera photo suite: DigiKam, gThumb.
    Photo editor/graphics application: GIMP, Jahshaka, Tux Paint.
    Vector graphics: Inkscape, Xara Xtreme LX.
    Image manipulation: ImageMagick (console).
    3D tool: blender.
    Pdf creator: OpenOffice.org, Scribus. Scribus is specially made for creating pdfs. So if you want to create some more complex documents, then I suggest to use it.
    Office suite: OpenOffice.org. Also AbiWord, gnumeric, but these are standalone applications.
    Simple text editor: gedit.
    TeX wysiwyg editor: TeXmacs, LyX.
    TeX editor: Kile (QT, seems to be the best TeX editor for linux at the moment), winefish (GTK, not so good yet, but is getting better), Texmaker (it is like Kile, but with a little bit less features, without autocompletion, faster).
    Math tools: Euler, Grace, Mathomatic, Maxima, MuPAD, Octave, Scilab, gnuplot, yacas, scigraphica.
    Package installer/manager: yum + Yum Extender.
    System information: HardInfo, Sysinfo.
    System Monitor: GKrellM.

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    dnar Guest

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    03giant Guest
    I have used this site a few times.

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    jayemef Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by foolish
    But we can list the applications we use the most, and why
    Web Browser: Firefox - I'm a big fan of the customizability without all the bloat that comes with mozilla
    Email: Evolution - many options and generally nice to work with - can integrate with MS Exchange
    Instant Messaging: GAIM - Has many options but keeps them in logical areas for easy access
    BitTorrent: Azureus - Very nice app that's easy to work with

    Working with text
    Word Processor: Abiword - It's faster than OpenOffice writer and has a clean look and feel.
    Text editor: Vi - extremely fast to work with, once you get to learn it

    Music: xmms - It's lightweight and minimal. I already have my music sorted and whatnot, so it works great for me.
    Media Player: mplayer/xine - I like mplayer for anime and xine for dvds.
    CD/DVD burning: K3b - Very user friendly cd-burning program
    CD ripper: Grip - Has many options and is nice to work with

    System monitor: Gkrellm - It's lightweight, unobtrusive, and doesn't distract the eye
    File Manager: Konqueror - I like having both a root tree and the currect directory in a split-screen view
    Firewall: firestarter - Very nice and user friendly firewall utility
    Package installer: yum - easy to work with, and I really enjoy the speed of command line
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    I don't even post mine any more, I'm so old-fashioned. At least I'm trying to use kate instead of vim these days. New fangled, dad-gum editors...
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    BoHu Guest
    Thanks to all who answered my query. Some of these pages were exactly what I was looking for.

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    This site give some lanking(?) by user in 2004.

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    ComplexNumber Guest
    i would add to the list of 'best of'....

    3D tool: k3d (http://k3d.sourceforge.net/ - just in case anyone confuses it with k3b)
    Photo viewer: gqview
    TeX editor: winefish
    Package installer/manager: smart, rpmdrake
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    For text editors I used to use Kate but now that I have upgraded to Gnome 2.12 on FC4 I really like the new version of Gedit. It has tabs, syntax highlightling, auto-indent, plugins. The UI is cleaner than Kdesktop apps. I use it edit XML, javascript, python, and PHP.
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