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    orbknives Guest

    Arrow How to send message (e.g. Net send) from FC3 to XP (vise versa) in a LAN..

    Ive searched and read a thread that stated this command to perform this task From FC3:
    smbclient -M pentium3 -W workgroup
    But it didn't work for me, it said connection failed..i also tried to install Linpopup(gui) but same result, coz Linpopup uses smbclient too..Im sure my network is working properly coz ive already setup file sharing and VNC to my fc3 and xp,somehow all is running well..Any suggesstions how to perform this?Thanks...

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    Jman Guest
    Perhaps the message service is turned off?

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    orbknives Guest
    Hello!!Message service of what?Windows?You mean the messenger service??Ok il try it..

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    jayemef Guest
    Yes, service pack 2 turns net send off by default. Try enabling it (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, and Start the Messenger service) and see if you have any luck.
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    orbknives Guest
    Well thats great, its working now, either Linpopup or smbclient command..But it seems that (Net send) from Windows dont recognized a Linux machine, i also tried using Computer Management to send message to linux (FC3) but it didn't work..Do i need to install a special software from windows like Winpop?I wonder why Net send dont recognized FC3, so how can i send messege From windows XP to FC3??

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    jayemef Guest
    To handle incoming net send messages on Linux, try setting the "message command" parameter in your /etc/samba/smb.conf file:
    message command = bash -c 'xedit %s;rm %s' &
    This will use the application "xedit" to display the message. The message is then removed.
    %s : The filename containing the message.
    %t : Message destination (computer or server to which it was sent.)
    %f : Message sender.

    The default smb.conf config file has this turned off. I'm not positive if this will work, but it's worth a shot.
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    orbknives Guest
    Ok i tried to input
    message command = bash -c 'xedit %s;rm %s' &


    /bin/mail -s "SMB Message From %f on %m" root <%s; rm %s
    in Message Command at my smb.conf, thought i cant understand this command..Do i need to subtitute some data here??Please give me some examples of these commands...

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    jayemef Guest
    Message command is a global parameter, so you would want it under your global section. This command should deliver the message using xedit (though I found on my Fedora machine that xedit isn't installed. You can probably use any text editor you like), then removes it afterwards. The "&" on the end is used to return the command immediately, as you may experience problems if it doesn't. Messages are delivered as the global guest user. You don't need to substitute anything. That line should work as-is.

    Hope that helps.
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    orbknives Guest
    Ok ive been busy for a while, but using "message command = bash -c 'xedit %s;rm %s' &" and trying to send a message From XP to FC3 no longer return a error..But how come that in FC3 no Popup message appeared?Cant find where the messages are?And yes ofcourse xedit is not also installed at my FC3 so i juz replace the xedit in the message command with gedit but gedit didnt popup too..What should i do next??Should i install Xedit??Will xedit will popup automatically when i send a message from XP?If not where can i find those sent messages in FC3..Hoping for your answers and thanks...

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