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    Wow, Thinkpad R40 suspend/hibernate/etc all working!

    Just got a new laptop on Friday. It's an IBM Thinkpad R40. I noticed I couldn't suspend or hibernate with stock FC3 + updates. After recompiling the stock 2.6.10-1.760_FC3 kernel with CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND turned on and adding some crafty ACPI scripts and a couple of other little config changes I now have full control over this beast! The way I currently have it set up is:

    - Close the lid or press FN+F4 it just turns off the LCD with the radeontool
    - Press FN+F4 again or open the lid and it turns the LCD back on with radeontool
    - Press FN+F4 and it does a suspend (memory only)
    - Press FN+F12 and it does a suspend to disk. This doesn't even require a special partition, it just suspends to your swap partition. Very cool!

    These keys can be programmed to do whatever you want by changing the ACPI configuration. In order to prevent a corrupt video display when returning from suspend to disk I had to comment out "dri" in the xorg.conf. I'm not if there might be a workaround for this or how much dri helped me anyway. I do know that OpenOffice uses it but it also works without it so I haven't noticed any penalty by commenting it out.

    There is one thing that I haven't figured out yet. For some reason the battery does not charge while booted into Linux. It will use wall power but the the battery state shows charged even though it's not really charged. If I unplug from the wall and plug back in I see it go to "charging" for a few seconds and then it switched to "charged", even though it's only currently at 10% charged. This isn't a huge problem as I can charge at night with the system powered down but it's annoying. I haven't found anything in any google searches where anyone else has this problem. Maybe this is how this machine is *supposed* to work??

    I might have to whip up a step by step HOWTO and provide all my ACPI scripts/confs if anyone is interested.
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    Please whip up that HOWTO! I've been fighting with my laptop for a while and if I had an idea of what worked for people I might stand a better chance on my own machine. I would love to help.
    Try it again with extensions disabled. (Hold down shift during boot)

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