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    ndha Guest

    how to change my login shell

    hi all,

    I've just upgrade from RH9 to Fedora 1. Everything seems fine but now I can't change my shell to tcsh.
    I use the command `chsh' to change the shell to /bin/tcsh. It was ok. However, when i run tcsh command, it turns out that my shell is still bash. I check the $SHELL variable and find that it is still bash. I tried `chsh', it says that my shell is already tcsh (no change) :-( Please let me know how I can change this.

    Another problem is that when I type `su' at the command line, I am in root (and have root priviledge) but the prompt doesn't change to root@. Do you know why it is that ?

    thank you.

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    foolish Guest
    Use su -, not su, to become root, su only changes to root permissions, su - (with the -) changes the enviroment to root. (Or something like that, I really have no idea :P)

    Start memorizing: su -, su -. su -,

    Default shell can be set for each user using redhat-config-users which is also found at the hat > System Settings > Users

    If you're in text mode or lazy use:
    usermod -s /bin/tcsh username
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    ndha Guest
    Yes, I did check the user setting. My account (the only one in my computer) is set to use tcsh but the shell still remains bash whenever I open a terminal.

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    Try adding
    export SHELL=/bin/tcsh
    to your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc
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    You could also run /usr/bin/redhat-config-users to edit your user account or you could edit /etc/passwd and change the shell there.


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    Re: how to change my login shell

    I have the same issue; cannot change shell from /bash to /tcsh.

    I have tried all commands listed here and the message I recieve is still "Shell not changed".

    Anyone know how to resolve this minor issue?

    /etc/shells has the following:




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    stevea Guest

    Re: how to change my login shell

    Congrats on bumping an ancient thread - may be a new record.

    [stevea@nidula ~]$ chsh -l
    [stevea@nidula ~]$ chsh -s /bin/tcsh
    Changing shell for stevea.
    Password: ######
    Shell changed.
    [stevea@nidula ~]$
    [stevea@nidula ~]$ grep stevea /etc/passwd
    "######' is where I entered my passwd.

    AFTER you do the above then logout and log back in.
    [stevea@nidula ~]$ echo $SHELL
    So I don't understand your problem. Post the EXACT results if this fails.

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    Smile Re: how to change my login shell

    That did it , Thanks Steve.

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