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    Red face Help with Kernel source build, install ...

    Ok, I have currently got a working install, my source is there, and my wireless card (which I neede the source for) is working perfectly.

    BUT, I seem to have followeed tips and commands from quite a few different people, and I have ended up with quite a lot of stuff to do to install the kernel source, I would like someone that has done this to post the exact sequence of commands that they would use for installing their kernel source.

    Or perhaps some one could go through what I think is the complete list of commands that I did and tell me if there are steps I took that where a complete waste of time?

    Also with my steps, I don't know what I should have been expecting at the different stages, so I don't know if I have missed something out, or what.

    STUPID I know - but it seemed to get the job done, but lets face it, getting the job done is not the be all and end all, I would actually like to know what I am doing if someone has the time/knowledge to take me through it.
    The steps that I did (explanations not necessary, as its just made up from posts and emails)
    su -
    up2date --get-source kernel
    (definately not sure about the following)
    cd ~
    cp -a /usr/src/redhat/ rpmbuild
    echo '%_topdir %(echo $HOME)/rpmbuild' >> .rpmmacros
    rpm -ivh kernel-<VERSION>.src.rpm
    cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/
    rpmbuild -bp --target=i686 kernel-2.6.spec
    cd ~/rpmbuild/BUILD/kernel-<version>/linux-<version>
    make menuconfig
    time make rpm
    cd ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/<arch>
    rpm -ivh <new-kernel-here>
    cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/ 
    rpmbuild -bp --target=<arch> kernel-<arch>.spec
    cd ..
    cd BUILD/
    cd kernel-2.6.10
    cd kernel 2.6.10
    make install
    If I look stupid - there's not a lot I can do about that, but I will try to help other people with this information, so if you can point me in the right direction, I will hopefully learn something, and be able to point others in the right direction also.

    Thank you


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    sph Guest
    you may want to use 'make xconfig' instead of 'make menuconfig' (an X server must be running of course)
    it's easier to use

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    cool, will have to try this the next time I need to rebuild my kernel source.

    keep em coming

    I just feel like a duck out of water when it comes to the kernel.


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    Void Main Guest
    This thread sort of continues here:

    It also prompted me to create yet another FC3 kernel build HOWTO:

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