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    ssh workaround?

    i am hosting a test site at from my home machine. the problem that i am having is that my isp shuts down access to all ports below 1024..

    i mapped port 8022 through my router to hit port 22 inside (tcp)...

    what i need to do is allow web developers to hit the site through dreamweaver..

    is there any way they can do this? i can't seem to figure out how to hit port 8022 using dreamweaver (sftp)..

    in order for them to hit port 80.. i used dyndns.org webhot to point to the correct port..

    is there any way i can do the same thing with the ssh port?


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    just have your sshd listen on a different/higher port?
    sshd -p 10022

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    i am constantly amazed at how dense i can be at the simplest things sometimes..

    thanks again!

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