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    Subliminal false trail

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you can view the attached file, you'll notice something odd in the title bar, it shows "GURU MEDITATION", those are not something one is likely to see in that title bar between brackets, in VirtualBox if their guest doesn't have those words. I have never typed those words in the system I use. So how and why was I shown those words. I'm running Fedora 29 KDE, I haven't installed any untrusted software, all software I installed is from DNF, RPMFusion and official VirtualBox website. So how could have anyone have hacked my system or infected it? The firewall is also on default settings.

    I think those words were shown to set me off on a false trail, as I suspected I was being shown subliminal messages by changing the color of the message to blend with background. They were worried people will start investigating if such types of subliminals will work or not, to prevent that they made those words long enough for me to see and capture. From the things I have been experiencing I think Christians and westerners are involved in this, including Indians.

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    Re: Subliminal false trail

    It's actually a legit Virtual Box error message, if you google "virtualbox guru meditation" you'll find lots of results. It's always nice having meaningful and easy to understand error messages.

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