F30 Xfce Spin & GNOME Bugs?
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    F30 Xfce Spin & GNOME Bugs?

    There maybe a bug in the F30 Xfce Spin & F30 Fedora Design Suite?

    GNOME 3 :: Firewall Missing, also FileZilla was removed from GNOME Software Center. On the bright side my HP AIO Printer & Wacom Tablet Found & Works!!!

    Xfce :: Printer Setup is Problematic - Why, when compared to GNOME?

    *NOTE :: If GNOME is install then install Xfce DE the Printer will Work, that is another reason I think it's an Xfce bug. Even Xfce based MX Linux & Linux Mint finds it.

    Live DVD Observance :: Printer Found & Works in GNOME w/ Xfce it does not work.
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    Re: F30 Xfce Spin & GNOME Bugs?

    If you want to help testing isos, it's time for the next fedora release (31) and you can test the future beta. Note that for most (if not all) tests you need to install the system (can be a virtual machine).

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