PulseAudio HDMI Output Issues
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    PulseAudio HDMI Output Issues

    Please forgive me if this has been covered, but I was not able to locate anything on the forum specific to my particular problem.

    I recently decided to stop VMing Linux on Windows and instead will run Linux with a Windows VM specifically for work related functions. Everything was fine post install, but I needed to switch from radeon to amdgpu to get Steam windows games working on Fedora. Upon doing so, I lost HDMI output in Wayland. I discovered that it works in Xorg, but I have to switch outputs after every reboot because it is defaulting to Dummy Output. FWIW, Dummy Output is the only option listed in a Wayland session. I have set the default sink in the default.pa file, though I only have one sink listed anyway. It doesn't seem to stick, regardless.

    This is HDMI output from my AMD r9 270X. I will be upgrading to a more modern video card soon, and I'm sure that will probably take care of the issue. It would be nice if this could be resolved in the interim, whether by getting HDMI working with amdgpu in Wayland or by getting rid of the Dummy Output on Xorg.

    Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this sort of problem?


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    Re: PulseAudio HDMI Output Issues

    Not sure about the real fix, but HDMI can be kinda annoying so maybe it is easier to work around, e.g.,:
    - try restarting pulseaudio after a reboot with the HDMI output not selected as default: pulseaudio -k
    - script changing the output: pacmd list-sinks | grep index; pacmd set-default-sink <index>

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