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    Problems with /var/www/html/Site


    I have already being able to see al php files in /var/www/html with no problem in any web browser in my LAN.

    In order to be able to program the web site I have made a folder /var/www/html/Site that whenever I save or delete a file in /home/user01/Site it replicates to the /var.../Site one.

    After this I am having issues with permissions and I've tried different options with chmod but so far I have no results.

    Hope someone can help me with this issue.


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    Re: Problems with /var/www/html/Site

    Ideally, you would setup Apache to read files from your home directory under ~/public_html/ instead of using the system-wide /var/www/html directory.

    It is fairly easy to setup each VirtualHost to point to its own home user, and also run under that users ownership (via httpd-itk module).

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