For the longest time now I've been hosting my own network over the same line we use for our general internet connection.

My network consists of multiple servers behind a pfsense firewall to handle NAT, routing, DHCP, and just generally being a firewall and doing firewall things. However, outside that firewall was our ISP's provided router/modem combo unit which provided wireless for the house.

That modem unit was sat up to point to my firewall under a DMZ, that way any incoming traffic that wasn't already destined for a device on the wireless would be routed to my network for processing. However, like most of those combo devices provided by your ISP, the modem/router thing was rather underpowered for routing so much traffic. Honestly, it's a piece of @%$#.

Recently the modem began having issues routing traffic out to my network. I would turn around after a few hours to find some sites or content to be unaccessible. On top of that, this was affecting people's ability to access my network, and that was simply unacceptable.

So today I called my ISP, and after talking with them a while, we decided the best course of action was simply to bridge the PPPoE connection from the modem directly to the firewall and drop the routing in between all together, making the modem serve only its base function.

The modem now is what it does. It's only purpose is to modulate and demodulate the signal from the phoneline. Now my network is on the frontlines, directly handling the PPPoE connection, giving me a level of control over the network that I never could have had before.

I'm very glad to be rid of the extra step in the network, and can't wait to take better advantage to this new control. This is something I've wanted for some time now.

Subnet leasing anyone?