"AUTO" connect to hidden SSID not working in F30
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    Question "AUTO" connect to hidden SSID not working in F30

    Hello, I emphasized the word "AUTO" because when I search for this issue there is a great deal of confusion, and preaching about the woes of hiding your SSID.

    First, the SSID in question is hidden, that's not going to change, all of the preachers preaching will not change that, it's hidden, period.

    Second, I need to make it clear that I can manually connect to the hidden SSID just fine, that's not a problem, what has changed since my recent brand new clean installation of F30, is that the network manager will not "AUTO" connect to a hidden SSID. When I open the network manager, and use the drop down menu to select "Connect to Hidden Network", all of the information that I previously entered is there, it knows the hidden SSID name, the security protocol, the password, etc., because I had already set it up, and yes the little check box that says "Connect Automatically" is checked. At that point, all I have to do is select it, and it connects. It will auto-connect to a non-hidden SSID just fine, but it will no longer auto-connect to a hidden SSID. Again, this is new to F30, it would always auto-connect to a hidden SSID just fine before.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, and how to fix it, without all the preaching about whether it's a good or bad idea to hide an SSID?

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    Re: "AUTO" connect to hidden SSID not working in F30

    its a good idea to hide the SSID, ignore those who say otherwise

    I have no idea what the problem is, all I can suggest, is to manually edit the network script of your network, you should have an ifcfg-... file under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/

    The two relevant options are:


    if you think its a bug, then you should open a bug report.

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    Re: "AUTO" connect to hidden SSID not working in F30

    Quote Originally Posted by fedup4ever
    you should have an ifcfg-... file under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
    Hey, thanks for the tip (and the hiding SSID affirmation). My ifcfg file had the "ONBOOT" option set to yes, but no "AUTOCONNECT_PRIORITY" line at all. After doing some research, I decided to add the line and set it to "1" as you suggested ... no luck. So I did some experimenting, first I changed the "SSID_HIDDEN=yes" to "no", it was a long shot and it didn't help. Next, since this router does use MAC address filtering, I thought maybe the "MAC_ADDRESS_RANDOMIZATION=default" line was worth a look. The options there are default, never, and always, apparently default is the same as never, anyway I tried all three options with no luck there either, actually when it was set to always I couldn't even connect manually. Still, that line had me thinking about MAC address filtering, so I turned it off in the router, and to my surprise it worked.

    So here's where I stand:
    SSID hidden and MAC add. filtering on (preferred), it will NOT "Auto" connect
    SSID not hidden and MAC add. filtering on, it will "Auto" connect
    SSID hidden and MAC add. filtering off, it will "Auto" connect

    This all seems very strange, and it didn't work this way before F30 ... anymore ideas?
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