Hi all!
I have a small but quite annoying problem.

First of all, I'm running version 30 on a Lenovo AIO with a quad core processor, 1GB of ram and a 1TB HD.

My issue is... I went into USERS to change my login to automatic. (My machine is on a small home network and getting hacked is a very remote possaibility.)
When I do this a window pops up saying I must authenticate. No problem (Famous last words).
I click the "Authenticate" button, nothing happens and the window goes DEAD. Neither button works, the window can't be moved and it seems to be transparent to mouse clicks. That is, when I click anywhere on the authenticate window, that action affects whatever is behind it.

I can find no way to get rid of the darned window other than to restart the system. I've looked and can't find a similar problem. My system updates daily... last time this morning and the problem persists.

I'm not at my wits end over this but I'm sure it's just down the road a bit!

Any wisdom would be deeply appreciated!

Amanda - In SUNNY Modesto CA!