Fedora 30 - Random Freezes
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    Fedora 30 - Random Freezes

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum so I hope my post is in the right section. Hope you can excuse my english cause I'm spanish native.

    Since a few weeks ago I started having random freezes on my system. I've been reading several forums and threads that describes my situation but none of the fixes described seems to work for me.

    System just freezes at any moment, under different circunstances with no way to reproduce it. It can happen with heavy load, without heavy load, just navigating (a few tabs opened). Things I tried:

    - changed c-states configuration in grub
    - disabling p-states
    - disabled TurboBoost from bios
    - disabled SpeedStep from bios
    - Used a variety of combinantion as boot params in my grub configuration
    - changed scaling available governors to performance
    - instalation with standard partition
    - Instalation with lvm partition
    - Instalation with no swap partition and with swap partition

    No logs are written when crashing, tried dmesg -wH, journalctl -kH, but when system freezes nothing is written to the logs.

    Some changes made the platform a bit more stable, but evantually I get a freeze. Only way to recover is by doing a hard shutdown. Also, I cant ssh into the machine.
    For worst, situation seems to be repeated in two different machines. I have a Dell Latitude 7480 and a Lenovo t460. Using the lenovo, it even happened in a fresh instalation just when installing updates.

    I'm out of ideas, I use Linux to work and I'm having a really bad time with this situation. I had to install WIndows where I have no problems, but sincerely I'm really used to work with Linux and I'd like to find a solution.

    Sorry for the long post. I'm attaching some information about my computer just in case you need it.

    I'm actually surprised that computer didn't die while writting this post.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Fedora 30 - Random Freezes

    I have also experienced this, are you running gnome for the desktop environment?
    after it happens next time open a terminal and use the command 'journalctl' then
    look for the last error or failure

    best regards

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    Re: Fedora 30 - Random Freezes

    It really helps if you know exactly what started the problem (can narrow it down to something). Its even possible that its something you did that you haven't considered.

    Unfortunately, if there's no error or anything, and especially if you can't narrow it down to something, then it gets kind of rough.

    You can check the update history too see if you can find something about when it started (but again it helps to know the exact day it started and it would be that day or updates the day before or something like that)
    $ rpm -qa --last (this is what it is for me with from using Gnome Software updates gui)

    But, it looks like you can't find any logs with the problem, so without the above mentioned narrow down then I'm afraid you're stuck and need to wait for 1 day to years until whenever it just happens to get fixed. You can always try a different distro (non Red hat and/or non gnome) and see if it no longer happens. You can try manually installing an older kernel than a few weeks ago from fedora updates system https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/...fo?packageID=8 as kernel maintainers introduce code that breaks specific systems from time-to-time as well through that and they might be unaware of a breakage here, etc.

    But, I lack having your system in front of me and other things such as if keeping up with system updates, how you customize Fedora, if you updated the BIOS or made changes there, etc.

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