After a spell with Scientific Linux as my only Linux, I have now just installed Fedora (LXQt).

It is one of several distributions that live on my virtual LAN.

I will say that of all the distributions this one was probably the most awkward.
I am using LDAP to synchronise my users and Fedora has a new way of doing this which seems a bit incomplete.
Doing an update after the installation proceeds to download about 750MB for just over a thousand packages - this seems excessive for a relative new (30) release.
The updates managed to fail on libfm-qt which had the effect of breaking the file manager.
I expect this would be too much for a lot of users. (I managed to uninstall the offending package, and get it all sorted, but it is hardly something one should be expected to have to do.)

This VM will be used for development of a C++ project (called SASSY).
In the past the 6 monthly upgrade cycle has been an issue for long running development projects. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.