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    Managing SELinux warnings?

    Decided to try out Fedora 30 after being a *buntu user for years.
    The first thing I noticed was SELinux warnings.
    After some information gathering I think it's good to have another layer of security (apps locked down in their containers).
    It is in enforcing mode as default (and as I understand, changing that is not recommended).

    I did a netinstall and then installed KDE.
    Do I just kind of ignore these warnings?
    I haven't seen them mentioned in YouTube reviews and such.

    How does the average user deal with these warnings?
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    Re: Managing SELininux warnings?

    The CentOS wiki has a couple of good articles about SELinux. Generally, if you find it's blocking something you need there are ways to write a custom module to allow these things to run. (It's quite simple).

    Towards the bottom is the section about custom modules, you'll see it in the contents.

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    Re: Managing SELininux warnings?

    Selinux gives me a way to access the warnings and it tells me the options such as
    run ... to give permission to the offender
    make permission permenant
    report offender
    ignore offender

    I just check for the name of the offender and what it was trying to do, and take appropriate action.
    I had tmpdisk trying to write to /usr/local/bin and I saw which program was issuing the call. I advised Selinux appropriately.
    Leslie in Montreal

    Interesting web sites list

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