Power Outage Broke NFS Server
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    Question Power Outage Broke NFS Server

    So this is a rather bizarre issue.

    Earlier the power went out just long enough to cut power on all my servers. (I know I need to get a UPS system, but they're expensive and heavy.) When everything came back up I noticed I was having problems with my shared sever, particularly with accessing it through NFS.

    I can access everything locally on the machine, and I can mount the shares on my desktop. However whenever I go to access the folders through NFS the system throws a kernel panic!

    Now if this were a hardware issue, I would expect that it would only occur on a specific device, however it occurs for both shares (The first is local using an LSI SAS hardware RAID card, and the second is remote over a dedicated Infiniband link). If the issue were the kernel, rolling back from 5.1 to 5.0 which I know to be stable should fix it, but no, nether does rolling forwards. Likewise, before the power outage the system was perfectly stable, so the kernel being the problem makes no sense.

    I had to work, so I set it to run memtest86+, and I'll try to debug it when I get back. But if anyone has any potential input on this situation, by all means, please let me know.

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    Re: Power Outage Broke NFS Server

    Not sure if this helps, but I lost "part" of a network card to just such an event. It was crazy - the card basically worked, EXCEPT for wake-on-lan!! A new card solved the issue.
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