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    Exclamation The Eternal OpenVPN Problem

    I feel like I'm about to burst a blood vessel in my brain try to fix this. I've been working on it off and on for years now, but have yet to solve the problem.

    The problem only occurs on Linux machines, in particular my fedora laptop, but any Linux machine really.

    I have a local OpenVPN server hosted on my pfsense firewall. The client configurations work perfectly on my android phone, and on machines running windows, the client is directed through the tunnel and sees both local and remote servers without issue. However on Linux, after importing the ovpn file, the connection goes fine and remote servers are visible (google, etc) but the client will not connect to severs on the VPN's local network. And this is where it gets weird.

    You can ping, resolve hostnames, traceroute, and run all number of diagnostics on the local servers over the VPN, and they will appear to be operating correctly, however any attempt to actually connect to them (browsing to webservers, trying to access shared files, etc.) will sit eternally until it times out.

    I have tried everything I can think of, followed nearly ever tutorial, checked every blog post. Please, if anyone has even a hint of a clue as to what I should do, send help. This is doing to be the death of me.

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    Re: The Eternal OpenVPN Problem

    Hello CPT Gray Wolf.

    ovpn profile generated for my work computer had the incorrect IP address for my home network.
    newly generated profile (generated by pivpn) would not have had the correct IP but once changed the IP in the work profile to match that in the laptop profile it started working fine.

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