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    Thunar devices automount

    Hi. I'm on Fedora 27, kernel 4.14.14-300.fc27.x86_64, xfce 4.12 and when I plug in pendrive or external disk i can see it on thunar but I have to click on it to mount. I don't know why but sometimes it mount automaticaly, next time I have to click on it to mount. What I have to do to change it? I did set all settings in Thunar about auto mount but it don't change anything.

    I've found the solution. First of all You have to set all things in thunar settings about automount. Next you have to be sure that there is no any line in fstab about mounting pendrive etc. Install udisks2 & gvfs - in my case I had to reinstall udisks2 to work. After that restart system and it should work now - it work in my case
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