My laptop has a nVidia Optimus Quadro M2000M 3D card. Since a recent update I have to invoke optirun (primusrun) as sudo. Previously, I could just run it as user. I got the suggestions mentioned here but they didn't help at all. When I look here, I should be able to just run it as user. Or is this info outdated?
Result of using sudo is that all files I create with programs like Blender3d are now owned by root instead of me.
So this happens now:
$ optirun -b primus /opt/blender-2.79-linux-glibc219-x86_64/blender
[ 6247.498595] [ERROR]You've no permission to communicate with the Bumblebee daemon. Try adding yourself to the 'bumblebee' group
[ 6247.498686] [ERROR]Could not connect to bumblebee daemon - is it running?
$ ps -ef | grep -i bumb
root 1098 1 0 07:05 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/bumblebeed
$ primusrun /opt/blender-2.79-linux-glibc219-x86_64/blender
primus: fatal: failed to connect to Bumblebee daemon: Permission denied
$ groups
<user> video

How can this be solved, without creating a 'bumblebee' group that wasn't needed in the first place?