I'm setting up a new computer to be a file and print server. I've just installed Fedora 30 on it and setup my print queue, the same way I've done it on other distros. I have it running on Neon (Ubuntu based) and my iphone can see it just fine. Following the same steps on Fedora though, no can see. I can see the print queue from my Neon computer and another distro that's a VM and never had a printer installed. I can connect using those and successfully print test pages. However my iphone sees no AirPrint Printers. To set it up on Neon and other Ubuntu flavors I've installed on my laptop, I just connect to http://localhost:631, click on Administration tab, then click Share Printers Connected To This System and the iPhone sees them just fine. I've disabled the firewall on Fedora, to rule that out, and still no can see. The issue is that when I dual boot my laptop to Windows or just have it off the network no one can print from their iOS devices. I want to have a Fedora server that can replace this function. What am I missing?