Puzzling OpenVPN Issue
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    Puzzling OpenVPN Issue

    This issue is more just inconvenient than anything. I've been having an issue with OpenVPN on Fedora for some time now. The problem has persisted across updates and major versions. I have not tested it on any other distros as I don't actually care that much, but it was bugging me yesterday while I was working on the VPN server.

    If I'm connected to the VPN on my laptop I can see my local network but local DNS resolution, for some reason, fails. I can connect directly via IP, but If I attempt to use the local domain names the connection times out. I can ping local servers via DNS, and host shows the correct IP, but any actual attempts to use the server fails.

    The same configs work fine on Windows and Android systems, but always fails on my laptop. I am truly at a loss.

    If anyone has any ideas where to start with this, let me know.

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    Re: Puzzling OpenVPN Issue

    On another distro, I had to install a package called openresolv (on that distro) to fix a similar problem. I do not have to do it on my Fedora system, though.

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